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Circle Theatre's mission is the advocacy of contemporary plays rarely seen in our community. We are committed to presenting professional, innovative theatre in an intimate setting.

Desirée Fultz

Cast Photo

Desirée Fultz (Beth Ward)

Work at Circle Theatre:This is Desirée’s first production at Circle Theatre!

Work at Other Theatres: Theatre Three: Susan and God; OneThirty Productions: Grace and Glorie; Shakespeare Dallas: The Tempest; Amphibian Productions: The First Day of School; Jubilee Theatre: Crumbs from the Table of Joy; Grapevine’s Runway Theatre: Enchanted April; Onstage in Bedford: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Work in Television/Film/VO: [AUDIO NARRATION] Shadow of Doubt, Smithsonian Magazine Channel; [FILM] Sunny in the Dark; [TV] Scandal Made Me Famous

Professional Affiliations and/or Education: BFA – Texas Christian University; MA – Texas Woman’s University; Represented by Linda McAlister Talent

Dedication or special comment: Desiree would like to dedicate this work to her superhero mother who epitomizes vitality, calls frequently, “just knows”, and never gives up on their having adventures together; and to her brothers, who champion her dreams and forgive her many idiosyncrasies.