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Circle Theatre announces auditions for


By Mel Brooks & Thomas Meehan | Directed by Joel Ferrell


Initial Audition: Video submissions only. All auditioning must submit a video, headshot, and resume. 


Audition Submission Deadline: Monday, January 24th at 8pm. 

Callbacks Requests: TBD


Callbacks: Monday, January 31 beginning at 5pm — please check your email for your time. Callback materials will be the sides below.


First Rehearsal: May 17, 2022

Performance Dates: June 16, 2022  – July 23, 2022


*Due to continuing Actor’s Equity sanctions on theatrical procedures and processes caused by the pandemic, AEA members are advised to send in initial auditions via video submission. Callbacks will be in person using the guidelines of Actor’s Equity Association. Those called back will receive specific instructions at that time as to what procedures must be followed to comply with the AEA regulations. 


Please submit one side and the corresponding song for the character you are interested in.

If you are auditioning for The Monster - please submit an acapella version of the song provided or 32 bar cut of an uptempo song in the style of the show.


1. Video Audition (Sides + Songs)

2. Headshot

3. Resume

Please Note

  • If you do not have a reading partner, you may opt to do a comedic monologue of your choice

  • There are links to accompaniment tracks 

  • Auditioners have the option to sing acapella 

We highly suggest reading the script before the audition. Perusal copies of the script are available during business hours at Circle Theatre.


It’s Alive! From the creators of the record-breaking Broadway sensation The Producers comes the monstrously mad musical, Young Frankenstein! Frederick Frankenstein reluctantly inherits his infamous family’s estate in Transylvania. Urged on by a hunchbacked sidekick, Igor, and a leggy lab assistant, Inga, Frederick finds himself fulfilling his grandfather’s corpse-raising legacy. This electrifying musical stage adaptation of Mel Brooks’ brilliantly funny film will leave you in stitches!



**Dr. Frederick Frankenstein - Brilliant brain surgeon, professor and grandson of mad scientist Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein**


The Monster - The misunderstood creation of Dr. Frankenstein | Range: Db3 – Gb4


Igor - Frederick’s faithful, bright-eyed, eager servant and friend with a hunchback | Range: B2 – A4


Inga - Frederick’s young assistant. Attractive and a resident of Transylvania | Range: G3 – F#5


Elizabeth Benning - Frederick's boisterous fiancé | Range: F#3 – Bb5


Frau Blücher - Stern housekeeper of the Frankenstein estate and former lover of Victor Frankenstein | Range: E3 – Ab4


The Hermit - A lonely, blind town hermit, hoping for a friend | Range: G2 – A4


Inspector Hans Kemp - The head of police in Transylvania. Driven by justice, with a wooden arm and leg | Range: A3-F4



Circle Theatre is committed to being a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace. We are committed to providing an equal opportunity for all artists, whatever their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education or disability. We respect and value diverse life experiences and will ensure that all voices are valued and heard. 


Equity and Non-Equity Members encouraged to audition - Equity Contracts Available. Circle Theatre is a member of the Equity Membership Candidacy program.

If you have any questions please contact or call Circle Theatre's Box Office, 817.877.3040


Box Office hours: 12pm - 5pm, Tuesday-Friday 

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