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One Week till Preview starts for Tiny Beautiful Things!


“'There are stories hidden in the language we use, whether we’re

conscious of them or not. They tell the truth of our hearts and minds.'

This quote from Cheryl Strayed really spoke to me and opened up the world of Tiny Beautiful Things. The play shares great truths from the pen of Dear Sugar and takes you on a journey which lifts your spirit and reminds you of the human capacity for love and empathy." - director, Susan Sargeant*


Before each evening performance, ticket holders may search both the inner and outer theater lobbies to find Tiny Beautiful Treasures, marked with a special tag.

PRIZE REDEMPTION: Once a participant finds a Tiny Beautiful Treasure, they should bring it to the concessions stand before the show to claim their prize!

PRIZES: Prizes may include a variety of options such as a bottle of wine, theater tickets, a complimentary concession item, a t-shirt, or even season tickets. (some 21+)

ADDITIONAL: Limited items each show. Only one item per person. No items will be on stage or additional places in the theater.

We invite you to stay after the June 15 performance for a short conversation

with the artists from Tiny Beautiful Things! Get to know the actors and hear about the process putting up this show.

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