Circle Theatre is currently accepting applications for internships. 

The Theatre also employs work study students during the school year in our administrative offices, the box office, and front of house during performances.

(Pictured: Ansley Colbeck - Circle Intern)

"My experience at Circle Theatre has been nothing short of spectacular. I've learned more than I could have ever hoped for. This internship gives me the opportunity to expand my education and gain hands-on experience in ways that wouldn’t be possible in a classroomPursuing this internship has helped me to fully realize not only my passion for theatre, but also for the business and administrative side of theatre. In the past year of working at Circle I’ve experienced and learned how  to handle duties such as running and sitting in on auditions, organizing patron information, analyzing scripts, and taking calls from patrons. 

Through my internship at Circle Theatre and the mentorship of Tim and Kyle, I have learned to incorporate so many important life skills into my work including punctuality, attention to detail, communication, and teamwork. I have also found that in order to be successful in this internship I needed to acquire organization skills, strong spelling and grammar skills, the ability to follow explicit directions well, ability to take criticism, and most importantly the ability to collaborate.   I’m always so excited when I come to Circle. The energy and passion of those working here always keeps me on my toes and truly makes my working experience enjoyable. The intimate feel of Circle theatre makes it easy to work with and learn from my co-workers. Everyone in the office is relaxed, but incredibly focused. I’m constantly amazed at how much can be achieved in just one day.   

This internship is a marvelous experience for anyone looking to work in the business side of theatre.  The work is challenging and pushes me. I have grown as a theatre professional and I have developed skills that will help me in my future careers." 

- Ansley Colbeck (past Circle Theatre intern)

Please inquire by sending your resume and cover letter to or by calling 817.877.3040.