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2022 High School Playwriting Project Finalist Reading Series - A Success!

Thank you to everyone who made this year's Finalist Reading Series a success! We had some very talented writers and actors this year — we couldn't be more thankful. We had a wonderful evening hosted by Theatre Wesleyan on the campus of Texas Wesleyan University. We began a picnic outside with tacos provided by Pepe's Taqueria. Thankfully, we moved the event INSIDE to escape the heat and gathered in the perfect intimate theatre for the performances. Around 100 people gathered to hear the works of these young writers performed by professional actors. We want to celebrate every single student who submitted a play to this project. It is a huge accomplishment.


A couple THANK YOUs: Texas Wesleyan University, Theatre Wesleyan, and professor Connie Whitt-Lambert who has a been a co-creator and champion of this project since 1996. Every single production intern from TxWes: Elena Cruce (stage manager), Connor Schwartz (technical director), Lauren Garza (photographer/PA), and Kierston Wagner (production assistant). This night would be impossible without your dedication.

Circle Theatre: Tim Long (executive director), Jordan La Grenade (director of the finalist reading series and box office manager), Don Jordan and Roger Drummond (production assistants for the day), Liz Stevens (associate producer), and Taylor Staniforth (director of HSPP program).

A huge shout out to Ashley Anderson who became a dedicated HSPP intern and whose work helped ensure scripts were organized and properly sent to our judges as well as helped with the creation of curriculum for this project.

We'd love to thank our actors — Fabian Cortina, Lindsey Hertel, Savier Losornio, Sean Massey, and Jule Nelson-Duac

And of course, our finalists and semi finalists as well as their educators

2022 HSPP Finalist Playwrights

2022 HSPP Semifinalist Playwrights

2022 HSPP Finalist Reading Series Actors

Thank you to all the theaters that donated tickets for our playwrights


Hưng Ngọc
Hưng Ngọc
20 hours ago

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Sep 07, 2022

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