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I'm Proud Of You - Events and Interviews

Extra Events and Exclusive Interviews, more info below!

Won't You Join Us For I'm Proud of You + Extra Events and Exclusive Interviews!?

Tickets are selling so fast for this world premiere opening October 26th written by local playwrights Tim Madigan and Harry Parker. And they're going to go even fast once we've announced the extra events for this show — check it out below!

PLUS — You may know Tim Madigan from his long career with the Fort Worth Star Telegram, so we're lucky to have him as the official interviewer of the I'm Proud of You team. First up — we meet the man who is playing Tim.

GET TO KNOW | Richie Haratine

THE ACTOR WHO PLAYS ... ME An interview by Tim Madigan

"One of Fred Rogers’ favorite things was making connections between people, so he would be delighted by recent events at Circle Theatre in downtown Fort Worth. It is there that I have been privileged to observe the cast, crew and theater staff as they prepare for the premiere of I’m Proud of You, the stage play based on my 2006 memoir of the same name. A deep affection and concern for one another has taken root among us. The word family has been used a few times to describe our troupe. As I said, Fred would be delighted..."


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Masker Yulia
Masker Yulia
Oct 20, 2023

There are links in chinachin that I'm not going to click on, and the original post about rope from GeorgeMendes a year ago has the same problem. amanda the adventurer

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