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New Works and New Events | EVERY night June 25th-29th!

Check out a brand new play presented by the Del Shores Foundation AND a special Broadway On A Wednesday curated just for Circle Theatre! Read more details below!


We love new works and we love the Del Shores Foundation.

So let's put the two together.

Join us for the free reading of the newest work presented by DSF "A Date To My Sister's Wedding" by Kaylon Willoughby. Y'all. This script is HILARIOUS. We've got a dozen talented DFW actors bringing it to life on June 25th at Circle Theatre.

It's completely free, we'll have the bar & snacks open, come check it out!

Lobby 6:00pm | Performance begins 7:00pm


B.O.A.T. (W)


Another NEW experience at Circle Theatre?! Don't mind if we do... For the First Time In The History OF THE WORLD —— Broadway On A Tuesday is coming to FORT WORTH AND on a WEDNESDAY!

June 26th from 8 - 11pm we're having B.O.A.W.

featuring the cast and team from Hundred Days!

Hosted by Circle Theatre's Jordan La Grenade | Jesse Fry on Keys

(For those Fort Worthians who might not know about Broadway On A Tuesday — it's a night full of talented humans with crazy pipes singing their faces off every Tuesday Night at Alexandre's in Dallas! Learn more on their page!)

No reservation needed, come join us for a night of music and fun!

Lobby 7:00pm | Performances begin 8:00pm


The Fun Doesn't Stop There!

Hundred Days will continue performances June 27th!

Join us for Wine Night on June 28th, or stay late with us and a new musical guest on June 29th!

We've got a lot going on over here, and we hope you can come check it out!

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