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Application Pending Dress Rehearsal-14.j


  • Ability to track the projects you've completed to turn in at the end of the internship

  • Initial Long Meeting to plan the show in advance of first rehearsal

  • 1 in person meeting per week

  • 2-3 nights in the theater creating / collecting content

  • Light admin work to assist in marketing (calendar planning, captions, copywriting_

  • Graphics in canva

  • Posting in social - must be familiar with facebook and instagram

  • Assistance with TV slides in lobby

  • If fully completed, stipend is $250

Artemisia | Shows: February 1-24 | First Meeting - Dec 2023

Water By The Spoonful | Shows: March 21-April 13 | First Meeting mid-Feb.

Hundred Days | Shows: June 6-July 6 | Internship First Meeting: End of April

Imposter! Hypocrite! Tartuffe! | Shows: August 1-24 | First Meeting Mid-July

The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity | Shows: October 3-26 | First Meeting: September 

A follow up interview will take place after initial application. 

You must be 18 or older to apply

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