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TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS will take over Circle Theatre in June and we are inviting you to join in our BONUS Experiences! We'll be putting on these little festivities alongside the show so make sure to check them out so you don't miss out!

TINY BEAUTIFUL (HIDDEN) THINGS Before each evening performance, ticket holders may search both the inner and outer theater lobbies to find Tiny Beautiful Treasures, marked with a special tag. Read below for whatcha get...

PRIZE REDEMPTION: Once a participant finds a Tiny Beautiful Treasure, they should bring it to the concessions stand before the show to claim their prize

PRIZES: Prizes may include a variety of options such as a bottle of wine, theater tickets, a complimentary concession item, a t-shirt, or even season tickets. Those under 21 will exchange alcohol for a free theatre ticket.

SEAT BONUS: As an additional element, a few select chairs might have something underneath them. Participants must match the seat number on their ticket with the chair number to claim the hidden bonus prize.

ADDITIONAL: Limited items each show. Only one item per person. The scavenger hunt and prize redemption must be completed between 1 hour and 10 minutes prior to curtain. Participants should be mindful of surroundings to avoid damage to theater property. No items will be on stage or additional places in the theater.

Somme Wine Before the show | arrive at 6:30pm for complimentary wine tasting

Come Early and Save! $20 preview tickets

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